Hello, my name is Aiden.

        aiden-rhaa-about-page-profile-photo(My wife and I during our first dance. Photo by wonderful Kate McElwee.)

        I suppose this is where I talk about myself.

        As a kid, I grew up in the middle of nowhere in Delaware.

        I’ve always been pretty good with numbers since a very young age.

        As soon as I got out of high school, I went away as far as I could for college.

        Then, a day came where I just got up and left Numerical Analysis class for good.

        I was not happy.

        I had to do something about it.

        This led me to pack up and move to Boston.

        A small town kid with some mad hope of becoming a rockstar.

        A lot of things have changed since then.

        Not all.

        I am still that same small town kid with big city dreams.

        I am still chasing after happiness.

        Don’t we all?

        I’ve been a wedding photographer for past 7 years.

        It has not been an easy ride all the time.

        Nonetheless, I am still loving the process.

        I do what I love to do and that makes me happy.

        What do I love to do?

        I capture and preserve joy, excitement, and happiness of two humans and their dearest.

        Above all, I can be true to myself and put my heart in it.

        Whether you are getting married in the city or in your backyard,

        I would be privileged to capture your wedding day moments.