Your Questions.

My answers.


What is your approach to shooting a wedding?
I like to think that I am a photographic storyteller. My job as a wedding photographer is to tell your story through beautiful photographs. I try to shoot in a such way that photos intertwine with each other to retell the story of the couple’s special day every time they look at their photos.

What is your photographic style?
I think my photos give you a better idea than I can explain. If I had to put it into words, it may be best described as a blend of creative documentary-style wedding photography & natural looking portraits.

What do you feel makes you unique as a photographer?
I am always on the look out for different lighting, angles, and backgrounds. As a photographer, I often push myself to go outside of my comfort zone to be more creative. I try my best to create the best photographs possible regardless of bad weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Why do you enjoy shooting weddings?
In addition to wedding being a fast moving event which makes it exciting, each wedding is unique. It involves something personal and I seek to show meaningful connections people have in my photos. When I look at the photos I have taken after wedding has taken place, I get great satisfaction from knowing that I have been a part of two people’s most important day of their lives. It is a humbling experience. I love what I do.

Where did you learn your photography skills?
I am self-taught. I literally spent thousands of hours getting to know in and outs of professional photography equipments, experimenting various techniques, and most importantly developing creative eye that defines who I am as a photographer. It is an on-going never ending process.

Have you done a wedding at my venue before?
Maybe. Maybe not. The truth is that whether or not your photographer has shot at your venue does not matter all that much. A location can be drastically different depending on season, weather, time of the day, setup, and more. However, a good wedding photographer will have the experience, knowledge, and proper equipments to be able to adapt on-the-go and get the best out of any possible situations.

How many wedding photos do we get?
There is no set number, I take as many photos as needed to cover your wedding. You can expect to receive at least one edited photo for every minute I am with you. For an average wedding, I provide 400-600 images on a USB flash drive. Each photo is individually enhanced and ready for print.

What camera do you use?
I use full frame canon DSLR camera bodies & lenses w/ extremely high optical quality to deliver sharp images with great colors.

Do you travel?
I do! If air travel is needed, I plan on arriving at least the day before to ensure that unforeseen circumstances(delays, rental problem, etc) does not get in the way.

Do you have backup equipments?
Yes, for everything.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, I do.

Do you shoot with an assistant?
Depending on the size of your event and how much coverage you want, we may shoot with or without an assistant.

Do you offer wedding albums?
I do. They are pretty awesome. It will be custom-designed by myself and handcrafted by some of the best album companies in the world.

Tell us about one unusual fact about yourself.
Let’s see… I like to read nutrition labels?

How do I book you for my wedding?
Please get in touch with me and let me know where and when you are getting married. If that date is still open, I would love to meet with you and go over everything we need to talk about.

We have a few questions that weren’t answered here.
Ask away at info@www.aidenrhaa.com with any questions you might have.  I promise I will get back to you as soon as I can. Also, my studio is located in South End neighborhood of Boston. If you’d like, I will be glad to set up a time to meet with you and answer any questions you may have in person as well as share some of the sample wedding albums with you.